Argyle Acres Iris Gardens
Welcome to Willow Creek Farm & Gardens
Argyle Acres specializes in growing and selling historic and modern bearded irises.  Irises are easy to grow hardy perennials, requiring little attention.

Welcome to Willow Creek Farm & Gardens, the home of Argyle Acres. We are located in Central Wisconsin on 15 acres of land, 7 miles east of Wautoma on State Road 21. Willow Creek is owned by Larry & Heidi Buntrock and Holly Putskey. Our mission and commitment is to provide quality products and services at a fair and reasonable price.

We offer a wide variety of products, which include Argyle Acres Irises, along with our daylilies and perennials that are grown in our fields. In 2012 we acquired Argyle Acres, a leading grower of irises in the United States, and have relocated the irises to our farm in Central Wisconsin. We also have a large assortment of trees, shrubs and bushes, along with fall ornamentals, fresh evergreen arrangements and holiday decorations.

In Spring we offer fresh asparagus that is grown on our farm. We also grow fresh flowers on our farm, and sell bouquets/arrangements in season for special occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, showers, parties and birthdays.

Please take the time to browse our website. We look forward to seeing you soon at our farm, or through our online store. Or give us a call, we would love to speak with you.

-Willow Creek Farm & Gardens


Free Irises in 2020
Order $50 and Receive (2) Free Irises
Order $75 and Receive (3) Free Irises
Order $100 and Receive (4) Free Irises
Order $150 or More and Receive (6) Free Irises

Note: Growers choice on Free Irises.

Iris Terms

Amoena white standards, colored falls
Beards (B) bushy hairs on falls 
Bicolor standards and falls are different colors
Bitone standards and falls are different shades of the same color
Blend combination or mixture of two or more colors
Broken Color splashed or streaked with another color (each blossom is different) 
Dykes Medal (DM) highest award given to one iris annually
Falls (F) lower 3 flower petals
Historic Irises over 30 years old. Most dates are the year introduced into commerce. A few are registration dates.
Luminata light area under beard; rays on falls
Neglecta light blue standards, darker falls
Plicata speckled, stitched, or solid margin of color on lighter ground
Self an iris of one color
Space Age (SA) has horns, spoons, or flounces extending from the beard
Standards (S) upper 3 flower petals
Variegata yellow standards, dark colored falls

Bearded Iris Types

AB (Arilbred) is a hybrid between the exotic aril irises of the Near and Middle East and the bearded irises. Unusual color and form.
BB (Border Bearded) is a shorter version of the TB in the height range of 16" to 27 1/2". Usually bloom with the TBs.
IB (Intermediate Bearded) is from 16" to 27 1/2" tall and are usually crosses between SDB’s and TB’s. Bloom near the end of the SDB season and the beginning of the TB bloom.
MDB (Miniature Dwarf Bearded) has stalks less than 10" tall. Bloom very, very early in the season. Prefer colder climates.
MTB (Miniature Tall Bearded) is from 16" to 25" tall, very refined and dainty. Also called table Iris.
SDB (Standard Dwarf Bearded) has stalks from 8" to 16". Bloom very early in the season.
TB (Tall Bearded) is the most common and most popular bearded iris. Minimum height over 27".

Bloom Season Codes

E - early ML - late mid-season
EM - early mid-season RE - may bloom in the Fall
L - late VE - very early
M - mid-season VL - very late